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UD. Dzaky (Jawa Timur, Indonesia)


We offer a Partnership Program to Sell Rice that you can run on the willingness and ability. Partnership we mean available in the form of business cooperation with system distributors.
DISTRIBUTOR: The minimum order is 8 tonnes per order. Facilities that can be enjoyed by the distributors are more economical price than other brands.
For detailed price information Distributor, please contact us

UD DZAKY is a rice venture established on 20 April 2006. The Agency's efforts in the field of rice milling and selling the rice polishing danberas kebi amounts large and small parties
Our company produces high quality rice kebi because the tools used our company is modern tools and supported by the workers in the company we have had a lot of experience so that it will produce a quality product.


Jalan Desa Rejosari Kecamatan Kebonsari Kabupaten madiun Madiun
Jawa Timur , Indonesia


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